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Are Union Dues Tax Deductible

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Union Dues-Tax Deductible

The dues you pay for union membership are tax deductible on your federal tax return. In addition to membership fees, deductible union dues also include amounts you pay for unemployment benefits of union members. However, not all portions of the union dues you pay qualify for a tax deduction. These include payments you make to the union to provide members with sick, accident and death payments. Additionally, any portion of your union dues that contribute to a pension fund are not deductible, even if the union requires such payment as a condition of your membership. And if the labor union you are a member of engages in certain types of lobbying or other political activities–the union dues you pay that are earmarked for these purposes are not deductible.

Union Dues Are Itemized Deductions on Schedule A

If you are planning to claim a tax deduction for your union dues, you can only do so if you elect to itemize deductions on a Schedule A attachment to your 1040 form. When reporting tax deductible union dues, include them in the miscellaneous expense category that’s subject to the 2-percent adjusted gross income (AGI) limitation. Essentially, this means that the total amount of your miscellaneous expenses, including your job-related expenses other than union dues, deduction, are only deductible to the extent the total exceeds 2 percent of your AGI.

Reference: IRS Publication 529-Miscellaneous Expenses